Affordable Veterinary Services

For Communities In Need

  • Spay/Neuter

    Our highly trained team uses high-volume techniques to perform 25-40 feline surgeries per day. Search our partner page for information on booking a spay or neuter in your area

  • Vaccinations

    Our vaccines range from $10-$20 per vaccine. We offer 1-year and 3-year options for distemper and rabies vaccines. Watch our events page for upcoming vaccine clinics!

  • Parasite Control

    Year-round flea/tick prevention is essential for ensuring your pet is happy and healthy. We offer several options for both dogs and cats. We also offer disease testing, de-worming and heartworm prevention!

  • Basic Wellness

    Each patient we see during our clinic receives a basic physical exam. If any illness or injury is noted we do our best to treat it or provide information on a full-service clinic that is better equipped to handle the problem.

What is the Fix'N Wag'N

Fix'N Wag'N Inc. is a 501(c)(3) registred non-profit organization that was started October 9, 2018 by a group of passionate professionals with over a decade of combined experience in high volume spay/neuter and vaccination clinics. Out team saw a gap in the availability of affordable veterinary care focused on preventive medicine. After realizing there was a lack of adequate resources available to the communities of western and central Pennsylvania, we determined that a mobile option bringing basic essential veterinary services was the answer.

Our fully equipped 30-foot surgical unit is supplied to perform over 30 surgeries a day. In addition, we are able to offer all of the necessary vaccinations to keep the regions companion animals protected against dangerous diseases. Our goal is to give each patient complete care, addressing not only their sterilization and vaccination needs but also minor illness or injury while they are under our care. Our motto is "We treat the whole patient!" Together with our partner organizations we are able to bring quality affordable preventive medicine to communities surrounding the Pittsburgh area.

Where's The Wag'N

Host A Clinic

Does your community need us? We want to work with you! Our truck can travel up to 2 hours from our home base in Pittsburgh. We work with rescue groups, animal shelters and individuals who want to bring our services to their community. Our venues range from animal shelters to fire halls to churches to individual homes.

Interested in hosting a clinic or know a group that is? All you need is a venue with climate control, a place to park our 30 foot surgical unit and a few volunteers. Please send us a message via our Get In Touch page and one of our staff will send you a partner packet to get started!

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